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2 Cool Blues Guitar Riffs

I know how much you all like riffs, so I’m hoping you’re gonna like these two blues guitar riffs as much as I do.

The first of these blues guitar riffs is basically working off the fourths you find in the pentatonic minor scale. You’re essentially doing mini bars with your fingers… just grabbing two strings at a time though.

Feel free to have fun with this… mix up the order, experiment with hammer-ons and pull offs, and even with the open notes I mentioned. If you look at your Am Pentatonic, you’ll see that E, A, D, G are all in that scale – so that means that you can use those as open notes as well, even when you’re playing from the fifth fret.

I talk about the fourths and fifths and other intervals a lot more in my lesson on guitar scales.

The second of these blues guitar riffs also uses fourths… this time on the top two strings. Adding a string bend makes it sound really cool.

If you need a refresher, you might want to revisit the pentatonic minor scale.

Watch the Blues Guitar Riffs:

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