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2 Blues Soloing Kickstart

Need a Blues Soloing Kickstart?

Blues Soloing KickstartSome of you may be familiar with blues guitar teacher Griff Hamlin, and now he’s just come out with a new series of lessons called the Blues Soloing Kickstart.

Basically the Blues Soloing Kickstart is a free 3 part video series that is about an hour in length, total, and focuses on teaching you how to get started with soloing the blues.

You can sign up for the free blues lessons here: Blues Soloing Kickstart

Some of the things you’ll learn (for free…) include:

  • A 4-note solo you can use anywhere
  • A great practice technique for scales that isn’t boring
  • A 24 bar blues solo you can use in most 12 bar blues progressions (tab included)
  • Hendrix and SRV style grace notes, for spicing up your solos

I’ve reviewed some of Griff’s other courses, and the feedback I’ve heard from other people who have gone through them is positive, so all in all he’s got a pretty good reputation on the interwebz.

Learning to play guitar, like most other areas of life, requires you to develop your own strong perspective on certain things, and the best way to do that is to get exposed to differing viewpoints. That’s the main reason I recommend other guitar teachers such as Griff, to help give you alternative viewpoints to my own.

Besides – we’re talking about an hour of free blues soloing lessons, so what’s not to like?

You can sign up for the free blues lessons here: Blues Soloing Kickstart.


A Fun 12 Bar Blues Progression with Riff

Here’s a fun yet easy progression you can jam with in A pentatonic minor. The chords are simply Am7, Dm7 and Em7.

Try experimenting with your own riffs in between chord changes, or replace one of the changes entirely with a 1 bar solo.

Don’t be afraid to go nuts with it!

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