Rhythm Guitar Made So Much Fun You Won't Even Need A Solo

There's more to playing rhythm than simply strumming

It’s one thing to learn a few chords, scales, or songs on the guitar… it’s quite another to really learn to PLAY the thing!

Take strumming for instance. Sure, you can learn a few strumming patterns so you know how to make your rhythm match any song you need, but how do you learn to strum so that the song takes on an organic, living life force of its own? Rising and falling in all the right places, full of intensity and emotion… perhaps all without ever changing your rhythm! That’s the kind of guitar playing that makes people sit up and take notice, stop what they’re doing, and have a listen to you.

Or what about picking? Are you content to learn a couple picking patterns, or would you like to learn how to incorporate picking into your strumming in fluid combinations, merging seamlessly from one to the other, adding even more beauty to the songs you play?

Yes! I Want To Add
Rhythm Playing!

All of this kind of playing is possible – for you – to learn, and a lot of it is built on a strong foundation of practical guitar theory – not high-falutin’ mumbo jumbo and technical terms, but down-to-the-basics nuts-and-bolts theory that will literally help you play better just as soon as you learn it.

Need I mention adding riffs into your rhythm playing, at will, seamlessly shifting from chords to riffs and back again?

Or adding things like melodies, bass lines, and drone notes right into your strum patterns?

There’s a lot more we can dig into to help make your guitar playing more expressive and dynamic, but it’s hard to do that all in a single sitting. I’ve prepared a series of short video lessons that will touch on different aspects of the subject, and if you’re interested in checking them out, they’re yours for free. All you have to do is enter your email address on this page, and we’ll get started taking your guitar playing to the next level!