Blues Jam (Main)

Turn your practice time into a full-on jam session with this free blues guitar jam track

Have you ever thought it would be nice to spice up your guitar practice sessions somehow? Ever had a hard time improving your guitar solos? What would happen to your playing if your timing and feel improved dramatically?

Practicing with a guitar backing track is an excellent way to accomplish all of these goals, and more!

You'll find that backing tracks are:

  • Tons of fun to practice with
  • Super helpful for improving your rhythm & timing in solos
  • An excellent way to practice riffs and new lick ideas
  • A perfect way to practice your scales
  • The next best thing to having a live band to jam with!

If you’d like to receive one of my high quality MP3 blues guitar backing tracks for free, simply enter your name and email on this page, and I’ll send it over to you!