Guitar Lessons On DVD

The lessons are now available on DVD!


That’s right, I’ve finally gotten around to making the weekly guitar lessons available on DVD. The DVDs below will not contain the most recent lessons, but they should be somewhat up to date. More will be added as more lessons are added to the site.

I’m not going to make this a big deal of a sales page, because you probably already know what these DVDs contain, and what they will do for you.

All the content on these DVDs is already freely available on this site – I want to stress that – but this is simply providing that same content to you in a format that many people find much easier to learn from.

Each DVD is only $9.95, plus shipping (typically just over $4).

  • Many people find it easier to reference a lesson DVD
  • There are no download costs associated for those with slow internet connections
  • You can watch the lessons on your TV instead of arguing with your computer =)

So, with the formalities out of the way, below you will find everything currently available. I’ve listed out each lesson that is in each DVD, and linked the title to the actual lesson on the Guitar Tips Weekly site. Each DVD contains well over an hour of straight guitar lesson material.

Beginner’s Series

Beginner’s DVD #1
  1. How To Tune A Guitar
  2. Learning The String Names
  3. Power Chords
  4. Open Chords
  5. Strumming Tips
  6. Song: Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  7. Beginner’s Improvising: Em Run
  8. Simple Picking Patterns
  9. Open D Chord Tricks
  10. 48 Bar Chords
Total: 66 Minutes


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Intermediate Series

Intermediate DVD #1
  1. The Pentatonic Scale
  2. E Pentatonic Jam
  3. Improvising With the Pentatonic Scale
  4. Tuning By Ear
  5. 3 Cool Licks
  6. Am Diatonic Scale
  7. Bluesy Shuffle
  8. Open Em Riffs
  9. Speed Tricks
  10. Song: Fortunate Son (Riffs)
  11. D Form Triads


Total: 82 Minutes

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