Using Triads For Tasty Accents


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In this lesson we're going to use a basic D major chord and move it up the freboard... however we're adding one note to it, an F#. That gives us a few different options for notes we can use. Here's a refresher of relative chords in this jam track:

A minor - C major
F major - D minor
D minor - F major
E minor - G major

If you missed the previous lessons, you can find links to the in the sidebar on the right.

Give the triads a shot, and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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- February 4, 2017 Reply

This is opening a lot of new things, Jon. so much appreciated!!

John - February 12, 2017 Reply

Very Illuminating for me...I've played some of these combination unconsciously but now understand how they can be used in a more versatile way...thanks so much!!!

Bave stewart - February 12, 2017 Reply

Thank you this will help a lot

- March 4, 2017 Reply

Opening a lot of concepts that will improve my acoustic playing by myself, or with another player. Thanks!

Frank Cordaro - November 22, 2018 Reply

what the heck is the count on the jam track. I tried 4/4 6/4.
Not working for me. I must have it screwed up. Please give me an idea how you are counting the changes. Love the lesson.

    jboettcher - November 22, 2018 Reply

    Hi Frank, it is in 4/4, it's just very slow. The four shots right at the beginning of the track give you your four count, if you follow through at the same tempo you'll see it works. I'd count this in eighths though.... one and two and three and four and...

    Does that help?

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