Rock Jam Tracks Testimonials

I thought I had reached a dead-end in my guitar playing until I got your Jam-tracks and the special DVD offer.

I have had no regrets so far. I learned and mastered the Blues- scale and I have started searching around the scale for riffs of my own. My wife is also pleased with my progress.

I must add that I am 70 years old and was stuck on playing simple songs in the Key of C and G. Now I am experimenting.

Keep up the good work Jonathan. Expect me to order more of your tutorials.

Keep it up pal.

Rowell MaharajSan Antonio Tx

I can take those background disks and I too can jam with them for hours. They are a good practice tool.

ArrayArraymy living room

I found that jamming with the soundtracks help me improve my improvising with my riffs.

I’ve got a lot of work to do yet but it seems to be helping.

Thanks Jonathan


Hi Jonathan, brilliant course your 30 Rock Jam Rracks… before I had learned all the scales but still could not improvise.

Your bonus DVD and PDF book are the best I have ever seen.

I am now able to solo be it mainly pentatonic minor run with a few chromatic passing notes, but I am getting there, Thank you.

Alan BotleyUnited Kingdom

I am pleased with both courses.

Great for having a Rhythm backing to jam with and improve phrasing and soloing skills.

Overall a good investment. Thanks.

Austin Mortimer

Austin MortimerUnited Kingdom

Hi Jonathan, I really don’t get a chance to practice as much as I would like to. I have briefly listened to some of the Blues tracks. A few of them stood out to me, like Bad Blues, Blues Road, Up With The Blues and The Bottle.

One of these days I might be able to apply a solo of my own to them. I did get a really good deal on them anyway, buy one get one free, you really can’t beat that. The bonus lesson is a plus too. I like the way you go into great detail every time with your lessons even if a person may or may not already know the details. Also the booklet with the licks or riffs printed out. Really cool stuff I would have to say.

Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate it.

PS Still working on those scale patterns.

Gene WhiteheadPortland, In.

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