Guitar Scale Patterns Testimonials

Great video!! I loved it. This is the first and only guitar lesson I have ever purchased. Because I have a limited budget, Most of my learning comes from you tube and other sites which offer free tips. This lesson is the best so far, and it was worth every penny.

I did not realize that you had a video called 1-4-5 prior to the guitar patterns. I was not familiar with you or your product until just before I purchased your guitar patterns. I would like purchase the 1-4-5 video next. 

I have only been playing serious / picked up the guitar for about the last nine months. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your lesson. I would recommend it to anyone.

Victor MorganFirefighter, Paramedic, Police officer

Watched the GSP twice and you have really done a nice job of placing a lot of information in a short period of time.
I consider myself an intermediate to advanced beginner. I am comfortable with open and barre chords, I regularly practice various patterns of Pentatonic scales. I just finished teaching myself Landslide by Fleetwood Mac and Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison from tabs. I have downloaded and printed all your cheat sheets. 

Greg Handley

Hello Jonathan –
I really appreciate the way you explain things. I have been looking for a simplified way of understanding how to play a solo over certain chords for years and I think you have done the best job of explaining it. That’s why I purchased your course and I hope you post many more videos in the future.

Bryan Klinesteker

Hey Jonathan,
Every time I saw your advertisement on the internet I was skeptical. Having seen so many of these before always promising to drastically improve my guitar playing. I figured I could learn to solo on my own so I started learning as many licks as I could however this did not improve my ability. After getting very frustrated and almost giving up on it, my buddy asked me if I had heard of Since I had seen the advertisements and my friend asking me about it I decided before giving up on it I would see what this lesson had to say. WOW Jonathan! I can’t tell you how impressed I am. You are a great teacher. My guitar playing really has drastically changed. I can do an improve solo to just about any song my friends are playing now. I never thought I would be able to do that. My only thing now is trying to get faster, but I guess that will come in time. You are an amazing guitar player and I thank you so very much for all you do. 
Your student,

Dan ShuckIT SupportOrlando, Flordia

Just want to let you know that I found the videos to be perfect for me.
I’ve been playing metal/hard rock for over 15 years and have been in several bands along the way. I consider myself advanced in technique, but always wanted to understand “the other side” as I call it. 
Literally after watching video 1, the light bulb came on and stayed on. The way you presented it was PERFECT. I especially like your alternate way of teaching the different modes (using the term “root” instead of the mode name).
Again, great job. I’m no longer in the dark about this stuff and my playing has already advanced.

RyanDelaware, US

I have been playing for a long time and could always get by. Now you have given me a lot more tools and knowledge to bring me to a higher level that seemed to have not been obtainable before. I am playing more and seem to be getting better. As well as not so 

Bob Lutzkow

Where were you when I wanted to learn to play the guitar forty years ago? I know, you weren’t alive. Previous instructors made the process hard, or maybe it was my attention span. Either way, I’ve come farther in two months now that I understand the patterns than I did in many years of trying, getting frustrated, and quitting. You broke down the mysterious fretboard and made learning easy. At fifty five, a great regret was never learning to play the guitar. Because of you and your program I am on the way to erasing that regret from my life. This may sound overstated, but I assure you, it is not.

Thomas HillSmall Business OwnerSalt Lake City, Utah

Hey Jonathan,
Just wanted to thank you for a few “new” ideas I picked up from your scale course and one earthshaking discovery that linked together stuff I’ve been doing for over 40 years playing around on the guitar.

Mark HintzFlorida

In trying to define the value of the lesson your basic course in fret knowledge provided, my first thought was, I don’t know the full value yet. This eye opening, easily understood, basic understanding is like learning where a light switch is in a dark room. What that light has helped me find already is amazing and what’s still in the dark room yet to be discovered is just a matter of time and effort away. The more I look at what I’m doing the more I see why it all works. I can’t say it enough how worthwhile this simple course has been. I have never gotten some much for so little before. A value that delivers a one time benefit is all well and good, but a value that continues to deliver forever is truly hard to find.

I’m an unemployed low voltage electrician (fire alarm specialist ) living in Michigan…. if you can call this living. LOL Your lesson has given me a challenge I desperately needed. It may well prove to be a life saver of sorts… a sanity save for sure. All for under 30 bucks…. quite a bargain.

Tim SommerLow Voltage ElectricianWyandotte, Michigan

Hey Jonathan the two classes I purchased from you were / are awesome. Actually playing instead of flailing now.

Henry GoebelCalifornia

Jonathan, I am in a peculiar position. I have played guitar all my life (almost). I have played lead in several country rock bands. Then it happened – a fear that I had most of my life. At work, a 600 lb steel beam fell off the crane, and landed on my left hand. The sweet little female surgeon put my hand back together the best she could. I had 8 surgeries on the hand the first year. It put me into retirement at the age of 55. I went on a depression binge.

In March of this year, my doctor gave me a few months to live. I went on hospice for about 3 1/2 months, and something happened. I said to my wife: this is not the direction I am ready to take. I fired hospice, hired a home health team, and the therapists were so involved in helping me with my whole body. I told them that I would love to be able to play my guitar at least a little bit. So they went to work and dug up so many ways to exercise my hand. I am having to retrain all my fingers.

I was so amazed with the progress that I started looking online for scales and tabs. I did not even know the scales and never saw a tab in my life. I am having a hard time with reading and understanding both the scales and tabs as they are written down.

You have helped me a lot. And you have woken up a stubborn old man, that will now not give up. This is the first month I have even picked a guitar up in 12 years. I want to thank you so much. I really believe you have added years to my life.


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