Slow Blues Solo in A Testimonials

“Really expanding my bag of tricks and licks!”


Hi Jonathan, I've been playing the 12 bar blues for years but was really stuck in a rut.

I have only just started the course but so far it has really started to expand my bag of tricks and licks.



Dean Klaiber

“My knowledge has improved considerably thanks to you!”


My knowledge has improved considerably thanks to you!

I have unfortunately for me started later in my life, I find some challenges in doing so but slowly I am gaining some ground, I like the way you explain things in a common sense way, thanks Jonathan.

Mark Stephenson

“Helped me greatly!”


I have two courses, Tasty Riffs, and Slow A Solo. Both have help me greatly. You teaching method is very easy to understand I especially like that you added the copy cat portion.

Keep up the good work.

Phil Bue



The new solo course is great.

Vinny Thorpe

“Nice one!”


Blues in A solo really shows how much more you can get out of the minor pentatonic scale than just running up and down the scale. Nice one!

Melvin Schofield

“Good mix of theory and learning”


It's too soon to say that my playing has improved. Currently I am focused on timing/counting and I am able to play lesson 1 reasonably close to the count.

I like your material - a good mix of theory and learning.

jay rush

“I finally feel as though I can play!”


Hi Jonathan,

I have to say that doing the Slow Blues in A course seems to have been
the clincher for me. It made me see the versatility of the pentatonic
minor scale, and understand the relationship between the notes selected
and the underlying chords. It has sent me back to the Scale Patterns
course, and over to the Riff Ninja material on soloing. Although you
both cover similar ground, I sometimes find that going through the
principles through two different teachers helps the message to get

While I have picked up elements of the key principles from these courses
in the past, it seems to be Blues in A that has brought it all together
for me. I'm getting to know how to identify the key of a song, and
where on the fretboard I can solo in that key. I know the pentatonic
minor scale, and can play along with a jam track using that, and it
sounds OK! I'm working on learning the diatonic scale. I still haven't
quite got my ahead around using the relative minor, and I currently
stick in the same key as the chords.

But after messing around with bits and pieces on the guitar for years, a
concerted effort with Blues in A, and following that up with some
intensive work on the other things I have mentioned, and I finally feel
as though I can play a bit! It feels like the end of the beginning!

Melvin Schofield

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