Bar Chords Made Simple Testimonials

Have enjoyed the lesson very much. Have found learning the chords very easy and quick. What is taking time is learning changing from chord to chord quickly and smoothly and that is just practice practice practice. Well done Jonathan……

Anthony MetropolisIllinois, USA

You have done an excellent job on bar cord structure and understanding. It will open up a lot of great sounds once I get the hands and fingers stronger. I am still working on the hand and finger exercises. I really enjoy your presentation.

Jack KorlannWashington, USA

Tonight I restrung my guitar and sat down in front of the computer and watched the whole course. I have to say that I got more out of that 2 hours than I have gotten from anywhere recently. Barre chords were so confusing but you taught in such a manner that I was able to grasp and begin using them. What a pleasant surprise!

Thank you for giving me the incentive to take a chance on this course. It was well worth every cent. Even if I don’t get another thing out of it, I am very pleased. Again, thank you.

Desiree HodgesNorthern New Mexico, USA

Hi Jonathan, since obtaining your Bar Chords Made Simple course, I am now able to preform brain surgery, although my first patient was a disaster, but he doesn’t talk about it much, hmm. I don’t think he can talk. ha.ha. Seriously, I think I have purchased every one of your instructional DVDs and I found them all excellent. At first I was far enough along that I thought I may not need the bar chord one, but I was mistaken, it has proven very useful to me. Please keep them coming, I will always be interested in whatever you have to offer, another job well done.

Cecil WoodcockNew Brunswick, Canada

Like many others, I’ve invested in your Guitar Scale Patterns, Bar Chords Made Simple & Unlocking I  IV V DVD lessons and have found they all go together so well in making a comprehensive understanding of the guitar that it just makes sense. Where I used to play ‘as instructed’ without knowing why, now I UNDERSTAND how notes, chords and scales are built. I can build scales based on knowledge instead of just parrot fashion.

As for Bar Chords Made Simple, I now know chords patterns NOBODY ELSE even mentioned. While I haven’t yet got to the point of using bar chords in songs, this is only due to my lack of finger strength and quick change ability, both of which will come with practice and using the included finger exercises.

Thanks so very much for delivering what many promise.  BRILLIANT.

David Hope

Thank you for an excellent course but mostly for reminding this 71-year old one of the basics.

I bought myself a Christmas present two years ago- a Taylor 12 string that was, in all seriousness, beyond my current capabilities.

I played ‘with it’ rather than playing it for two years until I bought your Bar Chord lessons.

Having rebuilt several guitars over the years I thought buying a ‘high end’ guitar, it should be “good “out of the box!

Your reminder to check action height resulted in me lowering the action… a lot!
Can’t believe how much easier it is to play and use bar chords!

Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Bruce Brunner

The bar chords course was not advanced enough for me. BUT, the section of the course that included the finger and hand exercises was very beneficial for me as I have been a guitarist for 40+ years but not professionally. Since I have been doing the exercises, my speed and accuracy has improved significantly. I never thought I could get faster but I have and I contribute the new speed and accuracy on the finger and hand exercises. I do them daily and even my bar chord strength is better. I play in church on Sundays and my hands used to get tired holding the many bar chords required for church music, now they do not.

Ronald ChilesMaryland

Hi Jonathan,
I just finished going through your “Bar Chords Made Simple” course for the second time and I have improved tremendously. I have always struggled with Bar Chords but your course has made it simpler. I now know how to play all the Major, Minor, and 7th chords on the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings. I love the training strength building exercises at the end of the course and will start with those every time I practice. Thanks for the great course.

Bill T.California

Hi Jonathan, after purchasing your BCMS course and having set aside time to study it over the past few weeks, I must conclude that the course is: well… simply marvelous!  Thank you for a job well done.  Your presentation of this course, in its efficient and practical format, would benefit anyone interested in climbing out of the routinely “open chord syndrome” into a bar-chord world full of infinite variety and complexity.  The BCMS course is helping me tremendously.  Since I have been following your clear-cut instructions on playing basic fundamentals of bar-chord structure, I have noticed that my playing has been progressively improving over time.

In addition, the finger exercises included in the course is very helpful in improving the dexterity, strength, endurance, and speed of my fingers.

Finally, I would like to say that I, like many of your customers, am the proud owner of your “Unlocking I-IV-V” and “Guitar Scale Patterns” courses.  These courses are, by far, the best I have seen out there; they are a masterpiece and have helped improve my playing, as well.

Keep up the good work, Jonathan, and thanks, once again! God Bless!

Alfred BatesLouisiana, USA

The course was very good timing as I also have another online instructor that was teaching some riffs involving 4th position chords. The combination of instruction was powerful and I’m putting into practice many of the chords Jonathan put forth in the video.

John Y.Oxford, MD

Hi Jonathan,

I’m just now having the opportunity to sit with the Bar Chords Made Easy file I received from you a couple of days ago. I’m only half way through it and had to write to say “I finally get it!!!”… I’m so excited! You’ve managed to demystify the whole barre chord thing for me!

I’ve been playing guitar off and on for years (mainly vocals) and writing with only open chords… would venture to the odd barre chord but seriously, avoided them like the plague! I would learn one and forget what it was called only because I was playing blindly, and without any theory or anything else to make sense of why it was called what it was. This is the absolute first time I’m actually understanding the concept and the why’s, and can’t believe that I’ve missed out on these all these years! Along with the bit of theory I’ve been picking up along the way, it’s all coming together for me, finally! This is just way too cool! Before today, I didn’t even realize that open chords were the foundation of barre chords… I thought open chords were merely the easy way out.

I’m going on to finish this vid and hoping you’ll offer tips somewhere in it on how to increase finger and hand strength as well as speed and cleanly changing between open and barre chords. I get a lot of muffled sounds just now and the kink barre is out of the question for me, but at least I now know what they are, what they’re called and why and can practice, knowing how to correctly play them and knowing where to go on the fretboard when I need one.

I’m also going to order the Unlocking I-IV-V vid over the next days and can’t wait to get to it. I’ve taken guitar lessons before – none of it made sense and was super boring to learn (studying the Circle of Fifths), so of course, I resorted to old and safe habits.

I forget just how I happened upon your vids…may have just been in trying to find a way to play the guitar on YouTube… anyway, I struck gold!

Please, keep up the great work! You have no idea how exciting this is for me – I’ve broken a major barrier today!

Have seen the testimonials in your mails btw and wondered if those people even existed haha! I now believe they do!

Truly, can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards,


Leslie M. New Brunswick, Canada

I had all but given up trying to play Arlo Guthries Ring Around-a-Rosie Rag. The chord changes were too difficult for me. After watching Bar Chords Made Simple, I realized that Arlo must be playing bar chords. Once I started playing the song with bar chords rather than open chords I saw that the song was actually very easy to play. My bar chord playing has improved after just watching the DVD one time through. Thanks Jonathan.


My playing of bar chords has certainly improved since purchasing the course. What I liked most is the simplistic way in which you put the training across, making it easy to understand & pick up. However I wish there was a magic wand that could increase my accuracy & speed when going from an open chord to a bar chord.

Alan SmithAustralia

Hi Jonathan

I live in Shanghai and, due to language barriers, am teaching myself guitar with the help of the internet. I learned some open chords and could play a few easy songs but, because I couldn’t play bar chords, the songs I could play were limited to easy, open chord songs. I tried to learn bar chords but my short, fat, inflexible Lisa Simpson fingers had other ideas and I feared I would be forever limited to those easy open bar chord songs.

I downloaded your Bar Chords Made Simple video and PDF and can now play dozens of bar chords! I am still pretty slow moving from one bar chord to the next and struggle with the harder ones, but am absolutely wrapped with my progress. I also found the music theory provided in the PDF invaluable.

Thanks so much.


Rob KeplerShanghai

Your bar cord course is what I have been looking for, I had been trying to master bar cords on my own and didn’t get very far. This course is just what I need. I tried other DVD’s and didn’t get very much done but now I am on the right track.

WD DavisNebraska, USA

Have you ever heard this before? Practice! Practice! Shut up and practice!

Now, that is great advice. Better advice is to practice the right things, the right way. Barre Chords Made Simple directs your guitar study with a goal to understanding the fretboard with confidence leading to competence. You still gotta practice, practice, practice.

Bill O'BryanNorth Carolina, USA

Hi Jonathan, I bought your Bar Chords Made Simple course and I tell you it came at the right time for me, sick of playing everything with open chords and envious of people playing chords all over the neck. Now that you have given me the tools I need I’m slowly substituting open chords with bar cords on the songs I already know and feeling great when I venture up the neck.

Great course, thanks Jonathan.

P.S. I also have Unlocking 1 4 5 and Scale Patterns, these are by far the best courses out there, cheers.

Luis RubinaAustralia

My playing of bar chords has definitely improved since buying the course. What I like most is the simplistic way in which you put the training across, making it easy to understand & pick up. It has helped me to change chords a lot quicker and easier although I did have to cheat a bit by writing the notes for the E and A strings on stickers and sticking them on the fret board.

Gary DodgeUnited Kingdom

I did purchase this bar chord lesson with a bit of reluctance as I had a fairly good  knowledge thorough seeing these on the internet. I am glad that I did purchase it as I got a better understanding of these chords. You may not know I have purchased your I IV V and Guitar Scale Patterns, and now I know this instrument pretty well to play the right chords in any given key.  Thank You

Michael FernandesBritish Columbia, Canada

Just learning, but your course on Bar Chords has been very helpful for me. I also have Guitar Scale Patterns which is very good.

Lawrence CopeTucson, AZ

My bar chords have always been hard to do, so I usually try to get by with variations (kinda works, but not great). With BAR CHORDS MADE SIMPLE, I’m getting much better and feel more comfortable using bar cords.  Definitely pleased with my purchase.

Ab CairnsOntario, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for making “Bar Chords Made Simple”… I write my own songs and usually stay fairly basic because I “feared” using bar chords… After watching your video I can now say that Bar chords are my new friends and my songs are no longer basic… In fact, I was working on a new song while I was watching your video and it allowed me to expand it and make it what I wanted it to be… The song “I Want It” was originally in the key of E… Each time I listened to it I just wanted more… I finally started playing with some Bar chords and decided to start the song in E and them switch to the key of D and then slide back to E… I start the song with an open E and then slide up to a B on the 7th fret and then an A on the 5th fret… Talk about changing a song around and giving it new life!!!!   Thank you again Jonathan… If you would like to listen to “I Want It” and see how it turned out just go to

David EvansNew Jersey, USA

Never quite “got it” before about how bar chords are rooted on different strings.

Now I get it and it’s made a world of difference.

Thanks – 5 Stars.

Jim Rogers

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