Box 1 Blues Soloing Testimonials

“I liked this course a lot”


I liked this course a lot. There were a couple of dozen ideas that led to others all over the fretboard.

My looper arrived this week so I'll have new things to work on. Thanks.

Michael Watts

“Now I'm beginning to "hear" where the music wants to go!”


Have just finished Module 1. Having all the action in Box 1 certainly takes the pressure off where to go next – except that I’m now beginning to “hear” where the music wants to go and have started using the extended scale to get there! But that’s OK I guess? And I can always run back to Box 1 if I get lost.

All good stuff!

Adrian Chalkley

“Well conceived and executed!”


Well conceived and executed! Great idea to laser focus on Box 1 with flatted fifth. Had fun and learned by doing tons. Thanks for making it available. Moving on now to Slow Blues Solo in "A". See you there!

Jerry Persall

“Love the melodic feel of the copycat rhythm!”


Excellent Jonathan, getting into my "gettin' it off my grumpy 64 year old shoulder blues!!" Love the melodic feel of the copycat rhythm!

Watch out there... even managed to set up a jam practice with a Robert Johnson influenced geetar player (heard him in a post lockdown session in a pub garden last Sunday) about 12 miles from my house in his music room next week... as the guy above said ... raptures ... possible euphoria!

David King

“This was perfect for me!”


I thought this course was great. It was just what I needed, I got a lot out of it. The way you consistently explained the riff patterns great. The play alongs were great too. I have several of your courses. This was perfect for me. Do more like this one. I got a lot out of the multiple riff play alongs.

Phillip Bue

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