So it’s my 30th Birthday this weekend, and that gave me the bright idea of having a 30% off everything sale!

After all, how many times do you turn 30?

I wanted to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU to you, for sticking with me for as long as you have (or if you’re new, hopefully for as long as you will! :)). For reading the emails, watching the videos, and having a general good ‘ol guitar playing great time – and for your many nice comments! I truly appreciate of you guys!

So back to my bright idea, I thought why not have a 30% off sale to celebrate my 30th birthday, and give you guys access to some guitar or bass lessons all while keeping a few more greenbacks in your wallet.

Here’s how it works. It would be nice if I had a shopping cart style system, as that would make things a lot easier, I’m sure, but the way I’m setup you have to go through my separate sites. I’ve put links on this page directly to the pages where you can purchase each lesson (with the discount included), and incidentally, get the full scoop on each lesson.

Additionally, if you want to order by mail, please use this form to do so.

Sorry – The Birthday Sale Has Ended!

Unlocking I IV V – Easy Guitar Theory!

Understand how and why chords work together! Learn the simple rules that govern which chords belong in each key, and ways that you can quickly them all. We’ll also take a look at how you can build your own chords, so you’ll never have to rely on chord charts again!

–> Click Learn More about Unlocking I IV V


Guitar Scale Patterns – Understand Your Whole Fretboard!

This guitar lesson builds on the concepts taught in Unlocking I IV V, and takes them much further into a deeper understanding of scales and how they relate to the fretboard. You will learn how solos come directly from the scales, and how you can play a scale or solo in any position you want on the fretboard. Specific scale patterns are demonstrated in close-up detail and taught in a way that will truly make your fretboard come alive in your hands.

–> Click Here To Learn More about Guitar Scale Patterns


Decoding The Bass Guitar

Bass players – prepare to play like never before! Decoding the Bass Guitar takes the concepts that are covered in Unlocking I IV V and Guitar Scale Patterns, and applies them specifically to the bass guitar. You will learn how you can truly cover the entire fretboard using only two scale patterns, and furthermore you will learn how you can use the intervals in the scale to create riffs and fills like never before!

–> Click Here To Learn More about Decoding The Bass Guitar


* Special pricing only applies to purchases made from March 11th to March 14th, 2011.

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jose pardo - March 12, 2011 Reply

Hi mate

If I am in your records already,you shoud also add the material I have bought from you so far. In fact i bought all the courses that you announce today.

Any way happy birthday “,my boy.”


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